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History of the band as told by Mark Armistead:
As for the History of the Band: Well, back in the summer of 1994 - there was a youth Sunday at our church. Andrew had been playing guitar for about a year and three months, and I had been playing on a set for about five months. We wanted to play a piece by U2 called 40, which is the fortieth Psalm. Knowing a bass player by the name of Joseph Massie, we asked him if he'd help us out and play on it with us. With none of us wanting to sing, we asked our Sunday school teacher, Kent Roberts, if he'd sing it as well a play guitar. After pulling in our keyboard player, Andy Brown, we got together in my bed room a couple of nights before that Sunday and practiced the song. We had no intention of starting a band back on those sweltering summer nights, but after playing in church we somehow found ourselves on a path headed toward more and more appearances there (much to the chagrin of the older members of the congregation).
The next couple of songs we learned were Let It Rain (by Eric Clapton), As We Worship And Pray, and Lord I Lift Your Name On High. Eventually, we got the idea of actually getting more serious about our music and writing original songs. Kent got started on that prospect and wrote our first original tune called "All Those Places". After that, came some more "rodified" versions of praise songs and hymns, as well as "Rahab": original song #2.
We continued to play live at various places that would allow a volume of "that magnitude" and continued writing new songs as well as taking our own little twists and turns on old classics like "All Along The Watchtower", "Walk Don't Run", etc. In the summer of 1996, we decided to improve our bands looks by the addition of two female vocalists, Maggie Boone and Angie McKinney. Not only did the looks improve, so did the quality of the singing! The song list still gradually grew and grew until we had a total of about 25 songs to play at live shows.
Angie is no longer with the band and we lost our bassist a number of times during the winter of 95' (sorry Jo). Rods In The Closet now consists of :Kent Roberts (rhythm/lead guitar & lead vocals), Maggie Boone (lead vocals), Mark Armistead (drums), Andrew Kelley (rhythm/lead guitar), and Andy Brown (bass & BGV's) . We still love the Lord and love praising His name through our music. In anyway we can further the kingdom of God, you'll find us there!
Just in case you were wondering about the name of our band - I came up with it after listening to a King's X song called "Six Broken Soldiers". After the first mention of it, the name kind of stuck.

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