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Maggie Boone


BORN: Planet Krypton. At 10 weeks old, her parents placed her in a capsule to send her to planet Earth. She escaped just seconds before her home was destroyed by "liquid hot magma". She ended up in Jackson County, NC. Some say she's real nice. Some say she's super.
STARTED SINGING: Before she started talking (Hmmmmmm?)
FAV BANDS: Dave Matthews Band, Gran Torino, Rich Mullins, Paul Simon, and King's X
HEIGHT: About the size of Godzilla's middle toe.
HOBBIES: Skydiving, Kabuki Theatre, Karaoke, and Shadow Boxing.
ABNORMAL FEATURES/SCARS: A fourth lung (no, really - it's true)
WANTED FOR: Stage-diving on innocent, unsuspecting by-standers
LAST KNOWN WHERE-A-BOUTS: You really don't want to know!

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