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This is the first album by
Rods in the Closet.
(Art Work by Dawson Fogg)

Song Title: Hell's Too Hot
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: Inspired by the Tennessee vs. Florida
game AT FLORIDA. Our very own
Rock-A-Billy tune!

Song Title: Rahab
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note:A song taken straight out of Joshua about the prostitute, Rahab. The song emphasizes the fact that God can "use those who men suspect least". You can certainly catch a taste of Egypt throughout the tune.

Song Title: ME 2 Blues
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: We all love to jam on blues tunes like
"The Thrill Is Gone" and the basic 12 bar pattern.
It's basically a "rodified" version of Jimi's "Red House". The song testifies that we've all hit rock bottom before in our lives, but more importantly that God reaches down to pull us back up.

Song Title: No Life Worth Living
Written By: (Kent Roberts & Mark Armistead)
Note: This one's always a favorite to play with its funky intro. guitar lick and a rockin' bridge. It talks about the futility of a life without God.

Song Title: Ahhh Yeah
Written By: (J. Massie, A. Kelley, A. Brown, & M. Armistead)
Note: This is the result of 4 chords and some on the spot creativity. This song was written and recorded in the span of 10 minutes one night at Kent's place. Just try to imagine Archie Bell & The Drells jammin' with Barry White and you'll get a good picture.

Song Title:Seige & Fall Of Jericho
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: Finally, our one token instrumental! With a little help from Pandora's Box, you might think you were at a Pink Floyd concert (minus the lights, lasers, and giant pigs). *still to be tested on a live audience*

Song Title: Tribute To Nobody's Saint
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: A more personal note from Kent- a ballad about the pains of seeing a good friend die without knowing Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.

Song Title: All Those Places
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: One of our favorites to play. It's a very progressive hard rock song reflecting on all the places we could be if we allow the Lord to rule our lives from the beginning of each day.

Song Title: Blind Decision
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: Here's a song that breaks the mold of everything we've done thus far. It's a soulful piece about the decision made to follow Christ and trust Him with our lives. You listen to it and you may just have to smile and rejoice with us!

Song Title: New Lease
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: Here's a hard rocker that'll make you smile. Listen closely and it may sound like you'll hear a bit of Broadway.

Song Title: School Blues
Written By: (Kent Roberts)
Note: This is a song Kent wrote while he was in college. The song doesn't need much explaining -- it's a fun jazzy tune, and if you can't relate to it, you must be one sick puppy!

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